Doubt Leaves You Out!!!

The Path to Enlightenment

The Path to Enlightenment

One of my teachers use to say doubt can leave you out. Fear and worry are the same. Discouraging ourselves over and over lands you back into the same place. It is and should come as no surprise a place of worry. We often get into our heads instead of our hearts thinking we will find a new space. The heart has everything we need. All is supplied in this space we call love. The divine flow is the space where we can live abundantly and release the fear. Let yourself flow. Feel the fear and move on from it. Namaste

Bridget DeBose – Mystic – Spiritual Teacher – Intuitive Healer

Emotional Freedom after 30 Years

Yesterday was a day of witnessing a miracle as I did healing on a man who suffered guilty feelings for something he did over 30 years ago.  He finally received the peace he had been searching for through Spirit and energy healing.  He was experiencing all kinds of emotions as he got sad and then happy.  The feelings of being human came back to him.  The first day I met him, I remembered saying you are numb inside and he said “yes I don’t feel anything.”  We spent three hours that day talking about the creator’s ways and not man’s ways.  Man’s ways are the ways of being a victim. We cannot live in fear and worry.  Then we expect a good result.  We must live as the divine beings we are meant to be.

As the Medium I am I called the Spirit he wanted to talk to about the situation.  She said his soul contract was to learn self control and the two had been together through many lifetimes.  Everything happens for a reason.  The man had written a poem called the Past is in the Past.  The woman in Spirit referred to this poem and instantly we knew it was divinely inspired.  He had received what he was looking for many years ago.  She forgave him and we completed the healing.  The energy was high vibrational.  Spirit gave in an enlightened point of view in so many ways.  Spirit never gives up on us.  Remember you are always loved and perfect in the creators eyes.  Namaste.

Bridget DeBose – Mystic – Spiritual Teacher – Intuitive Healer


Self Love and Learning to Put Yourself First


Met a friend today who I had not seen in a while.  We had an energetic exchange to share messages from the divine.  In the human eye one may say we just caught each other in passing.  In the Spiritual it was a meeting we both called forth in our Spirits.  He had been on the path I was once.  The path was trying to be all things to all people.  Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way.  Draining myself of energy over and over was not enough.  I had to hear from Spirit one day I was to be in service and not of service to everyone.  The difference is I was to serve many and not just one at a time. My mission was a straight shot and yet here I was distracted.  My friend looked at me in shock when I said you don’t love yourself.  He said “I thought I did.”  My path has been one with many Spiritual teachers at the right time and the right moment.  One is an Elder Shaman in his seventies.  He said when I was distracting myself with friends, I did not love myself.  Really, like my friend I thought I did.  Well, my shaman elder said “when you love yourself -you put yourself first.” He said you are the light and are not to let the darkness guide you.  After such a conversation, I dropped those friends and moved one.  We have to have healthy boudaries in order to follow divine guidance.  In my mind being distracted is a form of not feeling worthy and not practicig self love.  If you know what is great for you, then we have to ask ourselves why would we not be led to our glory.  You divine glory in action and are worthy of all the goodness in life.  Leave the strife alone and bask in the joy of life.

My friend said this message I needed to hear – We are to do what we love and no matter what the results are we have to keep going.  He reminded me he was a year behind of what he thought he was suppose to do. Well, the same has happened to me.  I delayed what my life path is and feared the worst for the longest.  One could say we both needed to remember to not distract ourselves along our beautiful paths of divine light.  Many times we want to divide and conquer, which brings no results.  Stay on your path and let life unfold. You will see many wonders of who you are.  You will be eternally thankful.  Namaste.

Bridget DeBose – Founder of Living as Divinity – Mystic – Spiritual Teacher – Intuitive Healer

The Truth Behind Nothing Matters



As I sat with my student and asked him to channel Buddha (Siddhartha) I thought this lesson was going to be a challenge for him.  All of my students are great at Spirit communication.  On this day, the lesson struck our hearts as Buddha showed us what really mattered. My student channeled Buddha and there was Buddha showing him as a child  and how they were connected.  Background – as a teacher I connect along with my student and the ones in Spirit who come to guide us. My experience of what was going on was seeing the light of the sun around my student as a child and his contentment with the world.  He proceeded to tell me what he was experiencing and how it felt.  Buddha answered a question about his relationship with his mother that had been on his mind.  Buddha said all life is an assignment. It is like having a post it note on a cork board and taking that assignment.  We are all on assignment.  Life is about nothing and even when we think it is about something there is still nothing.  All life is an experience and if one experience does not work out you have another one.  Buddha showed my student what life was really about and the love flowed through.  In the end he gave my student a vision.  The vision was of him holding the world on his shoulders, but at the same time holding nothing at all. My student continued to channel Jesus another ascended master and I sat in awe of what Buddha said.  He touched my heart as he showed us life is a mere illusion and we are to take nothing serious.  The profound words reminded me of what Spirit told me years ago as a part of my lessons – you need no person, place or thing.

The words can be difficult to swallow of needing no person, place or thing. We are taught to live in the world of the ego and let the material world at time defines who we are.  The conditioning can be hard to escape as we look around at others and the way they live.  We are told what we have to do in life to be successful.  In reality we have no conditions to meet as this is part of the illusion.  Personally, I hit a rock bottom in my life that was set in motion by the Universe.  As I had to sit and rethink about my life, I stood up and realized as Buddha had said – I had nothing but I had everything.  Tears of joy ran down my face

The God of Your Understanding is More than a Concept

Once I heard my dear friend Medium, conduit and luminary for all of humanity say: People think God is a concept. My mouth flew open when he laughed and said this. God is not real to some people. The God of your understanding is real, true and quite easy to find. You simply look into your heart. Nothing in the world can stop the creator from loving you. At times we have to put away the material world and connect, so we can feel we are alive. We are not human doings, we are human beings. We will be forever loved and divinely supported in all we do. The love of the creator can never be taken away from you no matter how busy you get. Starting with a divine connection gives you the strength to do more and the way to let go of your worldly concerns. You learn to trust in the process no matter what challenges you are facing. You learn to walk away with grace and ease when parts of your life are no longer serving you. You let go of the worry and fear that plagues so many. You realize you are always well. Well-being is our natural state. The oneness of the creator is our natural state and can never be impaired by anything in life. We have to choose not to feel the divine presence or hear the divine presence. Sit in the silence each day and listen to the I AM presence. The divine is within your reach. Namaste.

Bridget DeBose – Medium – Spiritual Teacher – Master Intuitive Healer
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Returning Home to be One with the Creator

Bald Eagle Soaring

Allowing can be different for many. As I learned what allowing from Spirit was it was quite different from what  I could have imagined. Spirit’s ways are the ways of love and light. We can digress from our greatness we are born with over time as we become covered in the illusion. Our reality in the illusion is constantly changing. Here I was covered in the conditioning of my story written with a strong element of fear. The fear spilled over into my love for my creator. I felt the creator could and would only love me so much because I was me. Myself worth was based on what I was handed at birth. No matter how many times Spirit came through to teach me I was worthy and deserving, the constant mistreatment by mankind spilled over into my relationship with Spirit. It was not until I started healing myself that I realized one day – Go inside and you will find all you are seeking. I knew this and had experienced it, but now I was to live it every day.

The moment I went inside, I felt all I had been looking for. It was love and peace and it was what I needed in this moment. Many messages had come that said stay strong. I kept thinking how am I suppose to stay strong as I was transforming into what Spirit called “one of the few mystics in the world who could get very close to God.” Of course I was in shock as I heard the words even though I had been doing the work all along to get to this point for 11 years. I stayed dedicated no matter what was said to me by people. The people pleaser in me at some point just died. She became long gone. I contracted to do the work and I was never going to give up my mission in life. The time came for me to stop listening to people and get to the hard work of healing myself. I cannot explain the abusive situations I found myself in so many times. It was the law of attraction that came from my childhood. Somehow the dysfunction followed me around everywhere I went. After Spirit showed me how to be self-aware and unblock it to heal it, my life changed. Here I sat on my birthday 7/7/2014 no longer seeking but finding my inner path to God. I reached in and said this is where you are – inside of me. I no longer need to worry about anything. I am provided for and well taken care of.

Then I realized I was in a safe place with friends who are my family. I know how much they love me as we sat down to dinner to eat. We laughed and joked about many different things. Finally, I got it I was surrounded by love all along as I healed myself. The creator was working with me to bring me home with open arms. Head home if you are feeling lonely or sad; you will be welcomed with open arms. Namaste.

Bridget DeBose – Founder of Living as Divinity – Spiritual Teacher, Medium, and Master Intuitive Healer

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Transcending the Ego – Many Lessons Learned


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Recently, I went into silence to listen to Spirit on how to change the thing holding me back.  It was more obvious than I had thought.  It was the old race card.  The words “my race is holding me back” kept coming out of me in one form or another.  Asking to serve in such a large way, no way was Spirit ever going to let me keep holding on to this pattern.  Sure it was a part of my conditioning, but it also left me in a space of having a slave mentality. The definition of a slave mentality for me is one where the world will not let me get ahead.  We are to be responsible for our actions and not have excuses. 

Many times I have been given honors to do great things.  I won a scholarship in college for leadership and activism.  Instead of acting the role of leader, I went back into the world has done me wrong attitude.  The honors were to be used to help even more people and to give freely what I always wanted to give: LOVE.  Helping others has been my life’s work for over 25 years.  The time came a couple of days ago when Spirit said time to put that away now.  I was in a bit of shock as I do go into when I am called on what no longer serves me. I cried because it had become a part of me.  What excuse would I use now.  It had been a part of my activism growing up in Ohio.  Now, the need for this to be a part of my identity was gone. It had been with me for so long and yet I had outgrown it at the same time.  I now lived a spiritual life with all the transcendental truths taught to me by Spirit (the one and only God).  How could I not let go freely.

My need to fit in had been overcome when I realized I had work to do to help others heal themselves.  The issue with race never left until Spirit called my attention to it for the last time. The message was it is not a black and white thing – it is a people thing.  I thought about all the different issues in people’s lives and it was not about race.  It was about bringing harmony into people’s lives.  Disharmony leaves room to bring us back to center if we are willing to work on it.  Spirit excludes no one and never will.  We are all a part of the divine glory in action.  We are all gods and goddess.  Namaste.

Forgiveness Turns into Compassion and Love


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Looking back on my life over the last five years I saw what has kept me from bonding the way I choose to bond with Spirit. The answer came from the many healings I have done on myself. Many of the negative experiences of my life had left me in a place of fear. Putting the distrust of man upon Spirit had been a habit for a long time. I wondered to myself why was I only allowed to receive only so much of a blessing from my creator. I repeated the words abundance and prosperity are our birth right to myself many times. Why was I unable to receive. We often say man’s ways are not the ways of the creator. The creator is the way, truth and the light. Why do so many of us run the opposite direction. The answer is simple I told myself. We are conditioned to believe we are subject to the circumstances around us. The human condition is never subjected to man’s ways. Many of my brothers and sisters walk away from the conditions they were handed. They allow their spirit to flow free. They know the powerful gods they are born as.

Sitting with the review of my life I decided to bless those who physically or emotionally abused me in one form or another. Transcending the ego and making a full ascension means to not only know to forgive them for they do not know what they do, but to come from a place of compassion. The divine being I have always been knows the ways of the world showed me the one truth that can never be changed. Love is all that exist. I tell myself in this moment if these people never came into my life how would I have learned about who I am. How would I have turned to the creator whose hand I laid in to heal those many wounds. How would I have experienced the greatest love of all. The love of the creator is my greatest love. It fills my spirit in many ways. Namaste.

Sitting with the Self


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Sitting with the self may seem hard, but is may be required. You learn the stuff you are made of and want to keep. You learn what stuff in your wonderous personality you can no longer handle. You decide the opinions of others no longer matters. It is the greatness in you, that you want to give out and receive back. You can move forward with kindness, you tell yourself while sitting with the self. You remember the important dynamic of life. All life begins with the self. You must be the change you are seeking. Oh, how beautiful you can see yourself as the powerful being you have always been. All it took was sitting and seeing what the true authentic self is made of – Self love, self awareness, and self discovery. Namaste.


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