The Glory of Momentum!

Bald Eagle Soaring

Spirit keeps showing me over and over we came to experience life and not just think about it. Momentum is the tool we need. The momentum builds the energy we need and accelerates it to help us to be the highest expression of ourselves. We can feel those joy vibes flowing through us and all the masterful energy of being happy as the momentum builds. Experiencing life the way we choose lets us shine even brighter than we could have imagined before. We have to share the love of life with as many people as possible. Endless possibilities exist within the vast Universe. We must open the closed treasure box. The treasure box holds so many opportunities for us to explore all the gifts of life. What do you want to experience today. All you have to do is believe and you shall receive. Whoo Hoo! I am cheering for you. Love and Light

Bridget DeBose – Mystic Healer

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The Thoughts of What Trust Means


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As I  meditated and did my daily contemplation the other day I saw the one thing that always perplexed me.   It was the trust of the creator.  I saw in that moment, it was not trust of the creator I was worried about.  It was the trust of myself.  I needed to trust myself to have faith and believe.  The creator showed me a space of love was being held for me and others as we get to the place of trust.  The highest outcome is always available to us. The moment we realize life is happening for us, is when we step outside the box and know the creator keeps it simple.  Life is working with us and for us.  It is not stopping us in anyway.  The creator works with where we are and not where we want to be.  We have to trust ourselves to know the Universe will bring us  what we need at any moment.  Here I am in an apartment alone paying nothing at all.  What a blessing.  I finally got the peace of mind I needed after spending most of my life in chaos.  The creator calmed it down for me.  It does not matter how long the gift will last.  I am living in the moment enjoying the gift.  Yes, I am worthy of receiving such a gift.  Living in the moment I allow myself to feel the joy and the bliss of knowing the gift was given with love and kindness.  In this energy of calm I know I can move forward with peace and love for humanity.  It is time for me to go out and do the mission of healing the masses.  Onward, as Spirit and myself move on.  We together have given and received much love and are thankful.  It has been a longtime and yet we can live the impossible dream.  Namaste.

The Road to Self Love – No Looking Back

Bald Eagle Soaring

Made a change based on my own beliefs and based on the healing I did on myself. I no longer have to feel like a savior or a martyr. I truly do love myself and meditated this morning to see the beautiful person I have become. No I am not in my ego, I am in a place of self love. It took me a long time to get here. I enjoy my true authentic self everyday. Rising above life’s issues to enjoy ourselves does take time at times. It is when we let go we gain so much more than we could holding on. How many times have we placed ourselves second to everyone. We did not listen to divine guidance and walked away only to find trouble waiting for us. Well this time I dug deep within my heart and said to the woman I have become. You have come a mighty long way to look back now. You are the peace you are seeking. The spiritual teaching that came from within was “you are under no obligation to anyone.” I did not yell and scream what was wrong. No pointing the finger or saying I am better than you. It was me nurturing myself and guiding myself to start a new way of living. We owe no one anything. We are allowed to live for the self and have beauty within our world. Self love – Self love I say again. It is the flower I have seen blossom over the last 11 years with the help of Spirit. As always I will forever love you every minute of everyday. Love is who we are. Namaste

Hope – Faith – Love


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Everyday we embody hope – the hope that our wishes and hearts desires will come true.  We have not much to do.  We simply need to set the intention and keep hope active within us.   Everyday we embody Faith.  We can have faith in a higher power.  The guidance we will receive will give us the strength when we feel life has become hard.  Everyday we embody Love.  We were made with the greatest love of all from our creator.  We have a lot of love to give and receive.  Love is our natural state and remembering who we are brings us back to this place when we have forgotten.  Challenges come and go.  Still we must embody hope, faith and love with each new day.  They are the way to bringing out our humanity to find peace within ourselves and our world.  Namaste.

Bridget DeBose – Mystic Healer

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Pray for Me

Was walking to the coffee shop when I said hi to a young man. He told me he was heading to the bank. I said you don’t tell people that in Downtown Providence. I told him I had a son and he reminded me of him. Suddenly as we are parting he says “pray for me.” I said I can give you a blessing. At first I put hand on his forehead and called on the Holy Spirit. Then I said you feel alone in the world. I gave him the blessing spirit gave to me to give. He was freed from the mental prison he was put in. He no longer felt alone. He said how do you know? I never really answered. Our final parting was look what happens when you ask for what you want. Then I found out he was 17 years old. The advice I gave to him was anytime you are feeling lonely call in the Angels to send you love. We all have angels. He agreed and we parted. Lately it is the simple acts that are reminding me of how great and small miracles can be. Namaste

Bridget DeBose is the founder of Living as She is an intuitive healer – Mystic – Channeler.

The Path of Least Resistance


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The Path to Enlightenment

The Path to Enlightenment is an eternal journey


The path of least resistance exist when we no longer fight our way through life. We state all is in divine order and divine design. We allow what is happening in our lives to be for the best and highest good for all involved. We no longer exist with fear as our everyday state. We draw our attention to love and light. We re-member the dark cannot exist within this bright shinning light. We no longer let our fear of the unknown or complacency rule us. We no longer hold on to the negative energy that distracts us from our divine path. We seek joy at every opportunity and take challenges that appear as a way to grow and find comfort within ourselves. We hold on to our power and give no one and nothing authority over us. We remain in our divine power at all times. What can exist as resistance when you realize you are the divinity you are seeking. Reach into your heart and let the Peace, Joy and Love Flow. Namaste

Bridget DeBose – Mystic – Channeler – Intuitive Healer

Founder of Individual and Group Energy Healing sessions.

Doubt Leaves You Out!!!

The Path to Enlightenment

The Path to Enlightenment

One of my teachers use to say doubt can leave you out. Fear and worry are the same. Discouraging ourselves over and over lands you back into the same place. It is and should come as no surprise a place of worry. We often get into our heads instead of our hearts thinking we will find a new space. The heart has everything we need. All is supplied in this space we call love. The divine flow is the space where we can live abundantly and release the fear. Let yourself flow. Feel the fear and move on from it. Namaste

Bridget DeBose – Mystic – Spiritual Teacher – Intuitive Healer

Emotional Freedom after 30 Years

Yesterday was a day of witnessing a miracle as I did healing on a man who suffered guilty feelings for something he did over 30 years ago.  He finally received the peace he had been searching for through Spirit and energy healing.  He was experiencing all kinds of emotions as he got sad and then happy.  The feelings of being human came back to him.  The first day I met him, I remembered saying you are numb inside and he said “yes I don’t feel anything.”  We spent three hours that day talking about the creator’s ways and not man’s ways.  Man’s ways are the ways of being a victim. We cannot live in fear and worry.  Then we expect a good result.  We must live as the divine beings we are meant to be.

As the Medium I am I called the Spirit he wanted to talk to about the situation.  She said his soul contract was to learn self control and the two had been together through many lifetimes.  Everything happens for a reason.  The man had written a poem called the Past is in the Past.  The woman in Spirit referred to this poem and instantly we knew it was divinely inspired.  He had received what he was looking for many years ago.  She forgave him and we completed the healing.  The energy was high vibrational.  Spirit gave in an enlightened point of view in so many ways.  Spirit never gives up on us.  Remember you are always loved and perfect in the creators eyes.  Namaste.

Bridget DeBose – Mystic – Spiritual Teacher – Intuitive Healer


Self Love and Learning to Put Yourself First


Met a friend today who I had not seen in a while.  We had an energetic exchange to share messages from the divine.  In the human eye one may say we just caught each other in passing.  In the Spiritual it was a meeting we both called forth in our Spirits.  He had been on the path I was once.  The path was trying to be all things to all people.  Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way.  Draining myself of energy over and over was not enough.  I had to hear from Spirit one day I was to be in service and not of service to everyone.  The difference is I was to serve many and not just one at a time. My mission was a straight shot and yet here I was distracted.  My friend looked at me in shock when I said you don’t love yourself.  He said “I thought I did.”  My path has been one with many Spiritual teachers at the right time and the right moment.  One is an Elder Shaman in his seventies.  He said when I was distracting myself with friends, I did not love myself.  Really, like my friend I thought I did.  Well, my shaman elder said “when you love yourself -you put yourself first.” He said you are the light and are not to let the darkness guide you.  After such a conversation, I dropped those friends and moved one.  We have to have healthy boudaries in order to follow divine guidance.  In my mind being distracted is a form of not feeling worthy and not practicig self love.  If you know what is great for you, then we have to ask ourselves why would we not be led to our glory.  You divine glory in action and are worthy of all the goodness in life.  Leave the strife alone and bask in the joy of life.

My friend said this message I needed to hear – We are to do what we love and no matter what the results are we have to keep going.  He reminded me he was a year behind of what he thought he was suppose to do. Well, the same has happened to me.  I delayed what my life path is and feared the worst for the longest.  One could say we both needed to remember to not distract ourselves along our beautiful paths of divine light.  Many times we want to divide and conquer, which brings no results.  Stay on your path and let life unfold. You will see many wonders of who you are.  You will be eternally thankful.  Namaste.

Bridget DeBose – Founder of Living as Divinity – Mystic – Spiritual Teacher – Intuitive Healer

The Truth Behind Nothing Matters



As I sat with my student and asked him to channel Buddha (Siddhartha) I thought this lesson was going to be a challenge for him.  All of my students are great at Spirit communication.  On this day, the lesson struck our hearts as Buddha showed us what really mattered. My student channeled Buddha and there was Buddha showing him as a child  and how they were connected.  Background – as a teacher I connect along with my student and the ones in Spirit who come to guide us. My experience of what was going on was seeing the light of the sun around my student as a child and his contentment with the world.  He proceeded to tell me what he was experiencing and how it felt.  Buddha answered a question about his relationship with his mother that had been on his mind.  Buddha said all life is an assignment. It is like having a post it note on a cork board and taking that assignment.  We are all on assignment.  Life is about nothing and even when we think it is about something there is still nothing.  All life is an experience and if one experience does not work out you have another one.  Buddha showed my student what life was really about and the love flowed through.  In the end he gave my student a vision.  The vision was of him holding the world on his shoulders, but at the same time holding nothing at all. My student continued to channel Jesus another ascended master and I sat in awe of what Buddha said.  He touched my heart as he showed us life is a mere illusion and we are to take nothing serious.  The profound words reminded me of what Spirit told me years ago as a part of my lessons – you need no person, place or thing.

The words can be difficult to swallow of needing no person, place or thing. We are taught to live in the world of the ego and let the material world at time defines who we are.  The conditioning can be hard to escape as we look around at others and the way they live.  We are told what we have to do in life to be successful.  In reality we have no conditions to meet as this is part of the illusion.  Personally, I hit a rock bottom in my life that was set in motion by the Universe.  As I had to sit and rethink about my life, I stood up and realized as Buddha had said – I had nothing but I had everything.  Tears of joy ran down my face


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